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Professor Walter J. Veith - Ph.D. - "A New Beginning"

 In Association With Leaves Of Life Presents

"A New Beginning" Health Series

Saturday 16 - Saturday 30 June 2001, 7.30PM to 9PM (Except Thursdays). Venue: Advent Centre, 39 Brendon Street, W1.


"A New Beginning" Timetable June 2001

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Saturday 16 Life At Its Best   HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00423-A-HB-PlantProteins.mpg





Sunday 17



Following Warwick Brian's lecture, people flock to his stall afterward

Lecturer Dr Mitchell visits Manjit & Emma's health stall

Eden Bake Organic Bread

Hamilton Williams' stall

Zilicious Foods

Neil Lawrence - Sutherland Education stall

Manjit using his massage skills

Healthy Living Festival (10AM - 6.30PM.) 

Walter Veith (7.30PM - 9PM)


Your Health Your Choice & Sitting On A Time Bomb (Mad Cow Disease). 

See detailed schedule below.  


Baqueting Suite

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Duncan & Louise of whom have received health counselling via Sherry Nicholls

Country Life Foods

Dr Clemency Mitchell demonstrates natural remedies with willing patients !

Dr Aquah lecturing

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00433-A-WarwickLecture.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00451-A-Lunchtime360.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00458-A-SherryDemo.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00462-A-AnaBlendingChickPeas.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00468-A-ClemencyNatRemDemo.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00477-A-HamiltonOvercomingLifesChallenges.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00485-AA-MindBodyCharacter.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00487-A-WalterCaffeineDeformities.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00490-A-WalterOmega3FattyAcids&FishOil.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00492-Romans12Verses1to3.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00434-A-HB-Sugar&Children.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00438-A-HB-MendozaSynergy.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00459-A-HB-SherryYeastflakes.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00482-AA-HB-NeilSelfishSports.mpg

Monday 18 The Geological Column & The Age Of The Earth HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00499-A-TheFlood180601.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00507-A-Canyons&Potholes180601.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00515-A-FossilMinersHat180601.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00497-A-HB-JurassicCalender180601.mpg
Tuesday 19 The Origin Of Life And Variety HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00535-A-AnimalVarieties190601.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00539-AA-2PeterScoffers.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00540-AA-Faith&Beliefs.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00525-A-HB-WhiteCliffsDover190601.mpg
Wednesday 20 A Day To Remember HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00545-A-Gen2-2and3-050701.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00546-A-CreationViaChrist.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00560-A-Sabbath&PlanOfSalvation.mpg

Thursday 21 (No health programme scheduled for this evening)    
Friday 22 The Spade Unearths The Truth HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00564-RosettaStone7YearFamine.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00578-A-DeadSeaScrolls.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00568-HB-A-TutmosesII.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00585-HB-A-Sanctuary&RockOfAges.mpg

Saturday 23 Just Another Man (Cross & The Sanctuary)







Walter Veith's Testimony







New World Order - Part 1

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00628-A-Cross.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00630-A-SanctuarySymbols.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00632-A-HeavenlySanctuary.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00638-A-2300&DayOfAtonement.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00639-A-RecordOfSins.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00640-A-CleansingSanctuaryFromSins.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00644-A-Sealing&SettlingIntoTheTruth.mpg


HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00591-A-RCPriest&Exod20Verse8.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00594-A-EvolutionStudentsTaughtCreationism.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00599-A-NoFoodOnTheTable.mpg


HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00600-Rev13&TheBeastPower.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00604-A-JesuitsToDestroyProtestantism.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00605-A-JesuitOath3.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00610-RCMonstrance&666.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00616-A-HussHuguenotsWaldenses.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00622-1962VaticanII-Ecumenism.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00623-A-WorldWars&MaryECFlag.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00602-A-HB-JesuitOath.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00603-A-HB-JesuitOath-CongressionUSA.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00609-A-HB-NewAgeSymbols.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00614-A-HB-WorshipfulMasterItinery.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00615-A-HB-Black&White-Good&Evil.mpg

HealthyLivingFestival&New Beginning/Mov00619-A-HB-MasonicOrderTriangle.mpg

Sunday 24 Battle Of The Giants To be added soon. To be added soon.
Monday 25 Man Behind The Mask To be added soon. To be added soon.
Tuesday 26 Crime Of All Ages To be added soon. To be added soon.
Wednesday 27 New Age Movement To be added soon. To be added soon.
Thursday 28 (No health programme scheduled for this evening)    
Friday 29 Signs & Wonders To be added soon. To be added soon.
Saturday 30 A Stone To Rest Your Head To be added soon. To be added soon.


Healthful Living Festival

Sunday 17 June 2001, 10am to 6 pm. Venue Advent Centre. 

Banqueting suite. All those interested in promoting, administering and maintaining health, Leaves Of Life will be holding a healthy living festival. Stalls/food/books/audio & video cassettes/cooking demos/ health checks/lectures from various practitioners in the field of health.


Admission Fee: Freewill donations will be accepted. 

(These fees will be used to support worldwide alternative health clinics)


Healthy Living Festival - Sunday 17 June 2001

Guest Speakers

Professor Walter J. Veith - Ph.D.

Alternative Lifestyle & Udderly Amazing. Monsters In Our Diet.

Hamilton Williams - B.A., MSBH, MSc

Stress Management Strategies - Body & Mind

Dr. Aquah - BDS., MSc

Influences behind the growing use of prescription & non prescription drugs

Dr. Clemency Mitchell - M.B., ChB, MRC, GP

Hydrotherapy/ Natural Remedies - Body Boosters

Marcia Mendosa - BSc. (Hons), MSc, MNIMH

Herbal healing - Receiving Wide Acceptance

Dr. Naomi Modeste - BSc., MPH, Dr. Ph.

A woman's guide to total health

Warwick Brian - RN PSY Sn, Ch.Dip.Mph

Feeling Groggy - Detox For Greater Vitality


In the last 10 years, Professor Walter Veith has lectured extensively internationally to large and  enthusiastic listeners, including countries in Europe, Africa, and North America. He is a zoologist and dynamic health lecturer covering areas such as The effect of diet and  nutrition on health and disease  - how is osteoporosis really  caused? can a vegan vegetarian lifestyle provide all your nutritional  needs? how much protein does one really need?

Professor Walter Veith obtained his doctorate in zoology from the University of Cape Town in 1979. He is currently professor in the zoology department of the University of the Western Cape, South Africa. Professor Veith's research field is nutritional physiology and his research concentrates on the affect of modern animal husbandry on the incidence of disease transferral to man. This highly controversial topic is of vital significance in view of the increase in epidemics and diseases such as Mad Cows Disease. His research concentrates on degenerative diseases caused by incorrect nutrition and particularly diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis and cancer. But he is also concerned about the impact of the use of antibiotics in producing a new breed of antibiotic-resistant bacteria which are causing food poisoning epidemics around the world. Professor Veith and his team have presented numerous lectures on the topic. Their research has been presented at international conferences on nutrition and disease, and their findings have proved that diet impacts directly on numerous degenerative diseases. Professor Veith is one of only 5 scientists in South Africa honoured with the Royal Society London Grant for (RDP) the Reconstruction and Development Program to establish a research climate in post-apartheid South Africa. Professor Veith has written a number of books on the above topics, and is a world-renowned speaker and scientist.

His book, Diet and Health, (containing the latest insights and includes his own research) is published by the prestigious scientific publisher: Stuttgart Scientific Publishers (Stuttgart Wissenschaftlicher Verlag), which publishes books for the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry and is available on the world-wide market.

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