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Counseling Sheets

Dr.Agatha Thrash's (Uchee Pines Health Institute) natural remedy patient counseling sheets are available FREE of charge. Please click on links below and select "back" to return to this page;


Apples As A Natural Remedy

Songs of Solomon 2:3
As the apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my beloved among the sons. I sat down under his shadow with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste"

The apple is normally referred as "king of the fruits". They are a great source of vitamin C, they contain a good supply of fibre, anti-carcinogenic and antiviral. Home grown is best in order to preserve best source of fibre, vitamins and minerals..

Apples or apple juice, as discovered and proved by scientists, microbiologists and doctors, are beneficial toward fighting stomach flu and polio virus. Fresh apple consumption has a substantial decrease in dental cavities. 

Apple cider vinegar has been used successfully for the following ailments;

* Helps to  heal burns when soaked gauze is applied to injured areas.

* Relieves pain and itchiness when rubbed on insect bites and stings.

* Removes dandruff when used as a hair rinse after washing hair.

* Eliminates body odor when used in place of an underarm deodorant.

* Cures athlete’s foot when sore feet are soaked in strong solution.

(Encyclopedia of Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs, p. 10).

Important Health Counsel

Genesis 1:29
And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." 

Ministry Of Healing, Page 296 
"Grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables constitute the diet chosen for us by our Creator. These foods, prepared in as simple and natural a manner as possible, are the most healthful and nourishing. They impart a strength, a power of endurance, and a vigor of intellect that are not afforded by a more complex and stimulating diet." 

Ministry Of Healing, Page 313 
"Flesh was never the best food; but its use is now doubly objectionable, since disease in animals is so rapidly increasing. Those who use flesh foods little know what they are eating. Often if they could see the animals when living and know the quality of the meat they eat, they would turn from it with loathing. People are continually eating flesh that is filled with tuberculous and cancerous germs. Tuberculosis, cancer, and other fatal diseases are thus communicated."

Testimonies Volume 7, Page 135 
"Let the diet reform be progressive. Let the people be taught how to prepare food without the use of milk or butter. Tell them that the time will soon come when there will be no safety in using eggs, milk, cream, or butter, because disease in animals is increasing in proportion to the increase of wickedness among men. The time is near when, because of the iniquity of the fallen race, the whole animal creation will groan under the diseases that curse our earth."

 Advent Review & Sabbath Herald 1902-05-27.002 
Greater reforms should be seen among the people who claim to be looking for the soon appearing of Christ. Health reform is to do among our people a work which it has not yet done. There are those who ought to be awake to the danger of meat eating, who are still eating the flesh of animals, thus endangering the physical, mental, and spiritual health. Many who are now only half converted on the question of meat eating will go from God's people, to walk no more with them. 





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